16 decembrie 2010

About something

1.Where is your Mother?


2.Where is your Father?


3.Do you like to swim?

-i wish i could swim.After that i can say if i like or not to swim.

4.Do you need to return anyones phone call?


5.Where were you born?


6.Where do you keep your birth certificate?

-right now,i don't know were it is

7.How many days until your birthday?

-not days,is about months

8.What is the closest orange object to you?

-is a T-shirt

9.Have you sneezed in the past hour?

-no or yes a can't remember

10.How many books are in your room?

-a lot

11.What did you last eat?


12.Who is your favorite teacher of all time

-english teacher

13.Name one of your goals for this year?

-i don't konw what to say.i never thought about it

14.What is the biggest trouble you have ever been in?

-i have not been in any trouble so great

15.Did you cry because Michael Jackson died?


16.What does your 9th message on your phone say?

-i love you

17.Look to your left. What’s there?

-the windows and curtains

18.Ever pop someone else’s pimple?

- Omg .NO!

19.How long does it take you to fall asleep?

-depens.10-15 minutes...or hours..or 5 min

20.Are you scared about the end of the world?

-no..it's a bullshit

21.Is there a TV in the room you are in?


22.What are you looking forward to?

-to put my nails,Christmas

23.What comes to your mind when I say red?


24.What other language do you want to be fluent in?


25.Do you crack your neck often?


26.Do you usually hold your pee for a long time?

-Omg :))..i don't konw..depends

27.Is it possible to lick your elbow?

-everyone knows that it is imposible

28.Worst feeling in the world?

-i don't konw what to say..are more..

29.What’s your current favorite commercial?


30.Name something you think is pointless?

-hmm again :))

31.Favorite fast food restaurant?


32.Have you ever been in a fist fight?

-not really

33.Would you consider yourself as a pyro?


34.Did you have a weird dream last night?

-I can't remember

35.Do you wish at 11:11?


36.Do surveys really cure boredom?


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